Hand of Fatimah.

There is a new seed which has been planted by you – it may be a new idea, belief system, a new way of being, or sense of self – and as you have sent out that intent into the universe, the universe has answered with her blessings. Fatimah is the divine midwife and she is here to ensure that this idea, this you, is born. If you sent out an intent with the New Moon, know that it was just the perfect one. If you didn’t – now is as good a time as any (see the ritual here).

Keep your distance from the naysayers and choose wisely who you wish to spend your time and energy on. Keep around you the people who support you in your dreams and desires. They don’t have to agree with you all the time, they don’t even need to do anything – they just need to be there, that is enough.

Like a new seed, you need some tlc right now and so does your body. Nurture and nourish yourself with the right foods and listen to your body’s needs. It may want to rest or it may want to stretch, it may want some indulgence food, not necessarily ‘healthy’ food. Whatever it is do what you want, not what you should and be gentle with your body today.

Have a beautiful day

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