Today’s moon ritual.

This is what I’m thinking of doing today. Anytime after 10 pm feels like a good time.

It’s a cardinal direction ritual and you can set up four points to represent the 4 directions. Place an object to represent North, East, West and South. A crystal will do nicely.

Take some time to cleanse the area with incense or sage and draw an imaginary circle around you. Can be a physical one too. And invite in the energy of the new moon.

Ground and centre yourself by taking a few deep breaths and start facing east. As for blessings from the energies of the East, bow if you feel like it. Now ask the east to support you in your intent (state your intent clearly here).

Do the same with the other directions going from east, south, west to lastly north. After you have finished with North, take a step forward (out of the circle is also fine) facing north.

Stay a few moments here before thanking the moon and clearing up.

The intent is for inviting something into your life or expanding something in your life.

My intent is going to be for acceptance of life, whichever way it has come to me. Which includes all of what has occurred. I’m calling all the rejected, excluded parts of me, back to me. I’m including all the people who have come into my life and thanking them for whatever role they have played. I’m including all the situations that may have left me hurt or embarrassed or ashamed and letting them sit with me before I take that step forward.

Happy new moon to you 🤗

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