With the high potency full moon in Jan, I was thinking about doing a ritual for the new moon and wondering what to invite in. And here it is, the perfect message for the new moon.

Acceptance is receiving, taking what is given to you. Acceptance is saying yes. Acceptance is inclusion, not leaving anything out. Acceptance is being in agreement.

Bert Hellinger says “Everything I mourn or complain about, I want to exclude. Everything I point to an accusing finger, I want to exclude. To every person who awakens my pain, I am excluding it. Every situation in which I feel guilty, I am excluding it. And in this way, I get more and more impoverished.”

When we exclude we cut away parts of ourselves. When we say no to receiving we are refusing to fill up the empty parts of us. When we refuse to acknowledge we are creating blind spots for ourselves. I have this vision of an incomplete me, of an energetically less me, an exhausted me because I am not in my full potency. Because of so much that I have rejected, about me, about others, about situations, and about places. And, I am so ready to gather those parts of me back.

Life happens and parts of it do hurt, with loss, with things not going right, with people hurting us and us hurting people and we reject the people who cause us pain and we reject the parts of us that feel the pain, or guilt or loss. It is a natural coping mechanism to shut down the part that is too painful. Coping mechanisms are good because they help us survive but life is not about surviving but about thriving. When we cut away these parts our growth becomes stunted and we attract the same patterns over and over again.

When we open ourselves up to accept life as it is – to be in agreement with it – not just for ourselves but also for those we love – that is when life opens up. To open up, to let go of the coping means to feel the pain and grief fully but it is also a chance to heal it. By stuffing things into a box and hiding it away will never give it a chance to heal. The pain you felt then will not be the pain you will feel now, you were different then and you are more than capable of handling it now.

Agreement is looking at the way life is now – good, bad, ugly – and saying yes to the way life has come to you. And looking at the other and saying yes to to the way life has come to them as well. Acceptance is not denying anything.

Ask yourself, which box wants to be seen today? Which parts of life are you willing to accept today? Which parts of yourself are you ready to reclaim today? Open one box at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

No specific ritual is coming to me today (I’ll put it up later if it does) but if you want to do one, you can’t go wrong with a candle or incense and stating your intent to the universe. Just stating your intent also works – say it out loud or write it down. Do it in the morning or late evening, either is fine. Intent is everything – the ritual is just to get the focus. Do it your way, any way.

Much love and New Moon blessings to you ❀

PS : You may receive a gift that you may not want, say yes anyway πŸ™‚


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