Gift of Luck.

The three leaf clover symbolizes the mind-body-soul trinity and when the three are in alignment, magic and manifestation happen. Look out for synchronicity, happy happenstance, a chance meeting or just plain good luck today.

This unexpected twist of fate happens once in a while so just jump at the chance you are being offered. Don’t attempt to analyse it or take time to think it through. Just take a leap of faith and accept the gift of luck that the universe is offering you.

This internal harmony of head-heart-spirit is not a conscious one and you don’t have to try to be in harmony or do anything to achieve it. Just be and just see what is being offered to you. It could be a small physical or material thing or it could be running into someone significant or could be something related to work and career. Whatever it is – don’t look at the gift horse in the mouth and just accept it with grace and gratitude.

I’ve been gifted some awesome Spa vouchers early this morning, so that’s where I’m headed today. What was your gift today?

Have a lucky lucky day!

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