5 of Pentacles.

The 5 of pentacles represents some money going out the window. You may encounter some unexpected expenses today or even regret a purchase you made. You may think why this, why now but keep in mind that the universe is always working for you. So a scratch or a dent in the car is much better than the car breaking down.

The card can mean lack or a rather a perceived sense of lack. If you don’t have money to buy that big thing that you want, turn your attention to all that you can get with what you have.

Lack can be material and lack can be emotional as well. You may feel the lack in one relationship, or one part of the relationship but turn and look at the relationships that are abundant or the sides that give you everything that you need. Keep your attention on what you have versus what you have lost.

If you are planning to make a big purchase today, just sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

Much love to you today 💙


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