You who show the way.

This week, if you feel unsure about the direction in which you are headed or with the decisions you have/needed to make, rest assured because you have a big thumbs up from the universe.

Everyone has this feeling of being unsure, of wondering if we have made the right choice. It can help to ask the universe for a sign to check if you are in the right direction. Most likely the signs are already there – you just need to pay attention to see them.

The universe wants you to know that you are inspirational – not because of what you do but because of who you are. Because of the choices you make and the courage you have to make those choices. If you are feeling unworthy in any way, don’t! You inspire people around you in small yet significant ways. When you choose to follow your heart, you inspire others to do the same – and there is no bigger inspiration than that! When you say yes to yourself, you give people permission to say yes to themselves. Sometimes we fail to see our own light because we are so focussed on others or are looking at our own shadows. The universe sees your light, and you, all shiny and glorious and wants you to know that you are the guide to so many people, without even knowing it.

Maybe you already know this or maybe this is new news to you. Maybe it pleases you to hear it – which is what the universe wants – to make you happy and to make you feel sure about where you are and what you are doing. To not change anything right now and just continue to be whoever you are.

Seek what answers you need and take what advice is offered but in the end, follow your inner voice, it knows the way.

Have a blessed day ❤


  1. Just wanted I wanted to hear, thought the question still remains why the struggle- why can’t it be easy? Of course we know the answer and yet we ask 🙄

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