Archangel Gabriel.

The Archangel Gabriel appears when there is an important message for us related to our life path. There are some signs that herald his presence – the colour white, a white feather, a white flower or many white cars on the road suddenly. You may experience a rush or feeling of dizziness which passes quickly.

The message is a personal one and meant for you alone but there are ways of identifying what the message is. You can ask for a sign which confirms his presence first and then simply speak to him and say that you are ready for the message. Either you will have great clarity and ‘know’ what the message is or you look for further signs and coincidences through the day to be sure of the message. A sign could be hearing the same thing from different sources throughout the day or things suddenly working out when you have a certain thought.

If you are not clear, you can always ask ‘this is what I think the message is, is it the right one’ and wait for confirmation (which will be one of the signs or someone around you saying yes :))

AA Gabriel is associated with Creativity and the Sacral Chakra. Whatever the message, it may be related to writing or the arts and it should lead you to the path to joy.

Ask and you will receive an answer. If you don’t ask again until you receive one.


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