The element of water relates to our feelings and emotions. The tides, the moon all have an impact on our mood and it’s no wonder that we find the sound of waves so soothing.

The width and depth of the ocean is how large and important our feelings are. We somehow learn to mask our feelings as we grow up – we don’t want to hurt others or it’s a sense of obligation or conditioning, or we have been hurt so we don’t want to show our sensitive side. Our feelings are what makes us human and they are the best part of us. Todays card reminds us that our emotions are a blessing and to not ignore or discard them, especially today.

img_20190107_090859This is true for the other as well. No one is insensitive – some just hide it well. Just for today, open yourself up to your emotions and you will find that you are much kinder to others as well. If you feel hurt, acknowledge (at least to yourself) that you are feeling hurt (not angry, not annoyed – just hurt) and see how the day goes for you.

With our loved ones we are quick to forgive. And it’s alright to do so, just as long as we acknowledge our feelings of being hurt or rejected and there is only benefit in letting the other know how you feel. If we don’t let people know, how will they ever know.

Our sensitivity is also what births creativity so nurture your feelings and your creativity will bloom. Alternately, if you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion, draw or doodle or sing and you will feel much better.

Enjoy your emotional side today ❤

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