~ January 2019 ~


In Tarot terms, 2019 is the year of The Hanged Man and of the Empress. The Hanged Man is one of the cards in the deck that makes most people take a pause (pun intended!). After all, seeing a man hanging upside down is not something pleasant to see. However, when you take a look at the card closely, you realise that the man is looking rather zen-like with a beatific smile on his face and a halo around his head. It looks rather like a version of Sirsasana (headstand in yoga). As in yoga, the hanged man is activating his crown chakra and increasing the blood flow to the head. He is taking a moment to align with his path and purpose.

The Hanged Man signifies a period of waiting or pause, but he is not waiting aimlessly, he is waiting purposefully, using the time to gain clarity and purpose. So, projects and activities may stall unexpectedly. The advice from the hanged man is to not push forward but use the pause to reassess and re-evaluate where you are headed. Maybe something else, something new is waiting to emerge and you need the time and space of the pause to be able to see it.

The upside-down position is also about looking at a situation with a different perspective. To turn the thing at its head and look with new eyes. Sometimes, the universe gives you what you need not what you want and it takes a special eye to be able to see that.

The Empress signifies a fertile time, a time for great abundance and creativity, of things coming to fruition. Combine the Empress and the Hanged Man and you get a year which is equal parts wait and equal parts go. It is the year of waiting for the right timing. Things will fall into place and there will be many things achieved but there will be pauses for you to take time to centre and align yourself. Which means a whole lot of trust and surrender to the divine plan.

Remember that pause that will happen can be voluntary or involuntary. If you are in tune with your intuition you will know when the pause is required and you will be able to reel yourself in. If you ignore or miss the signs (like we all do at times), the universe will help you along by providing some well-placed obstacles. Just make sure you recognise them for what they are – a chance to pause and maybe course-correct rather than getting stressed or disheartened.

January being the first month carries with it the energy of the number 1. There is a newness in the air, of starting afresh, of new possibilities, a sense of rejuvenation. January also brings with it a sense of urgency, of getting started quickly, which is what the Knight of Swords represents. He’s the kind of guy who goes charging ahead towards his goals. While the quickness of the charge is a good thing – of seizing the opportunity when it lands – there is value in having a plan and strategy, of being aware of the challenges one might face and being aware of the consequences of our actions. Even though you may feel the need to jump into action in Jan, curb the desire and use the pause to think and plan and only then make your move.


January also is the month that feels the weight of all our expectations. January is a good month but it is a good month in a ‘pause’ year so you may experience a sense of dissatisfaction, of unmet expectations. You may feel the desire to leave, to search for the missing piece, in a relationship, job or life. Listen to your intuition here, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. However, the search need not always be external, it could be about seeking the answers within. Also ask yourself, where does this desire to leave stem from? What don’t you want to confront head-on and why? We all like to pretend that issues don’t exist because acknowledging them means we need to confront them and that’s an uncomfortable place to be.

The Eight of Cups signifies a time for transition, of leaving the familiar behind and journeying to places unknown. It can mean a physical leaving and an external one. Or it can mean an internal transition – of leaving behind the old you, old ideas and beliefs or an earlier way of being and stepping forward to a new you.

The Two of Wands which follows this card is supporting this message as well. This is a card for decision making and about having a clear action plan about what to do and how to move forward. The decision is about whether or not to move out of your comfort zone (and we all know that life begins just outside our comfort zone!), whether or not to take a risk and expand your horizons, whether to leave your safe harbour? The universe is asking you to step into a new world and explore all possibilities so you can grow and maximise your potential.


In this time of introspection and decisions, the universe has an additional message of peace for you. It may be that conflicts arise as you make some tough decisions or that you are conflicted about something. The existence of conflict is because we are caught up in duality – it is either this or that, black or white. If I am strong then I cannot be vulnerable. If I love someone, I cannot possibly want to leave. The reality is that both can co-exist. We can be fragile and strong at the same time but when we choose one over the other we lose an essential part of ourselves. To be strong does not mean that you need to be insensitive or unable to cry. Sometimes a good cry can make you feel stronger than ever. The cards ask that you replace this duality with singularity, with yourself and with others. The ones you love can want you to fly yet want to hold you close and safe. It’s not always easy to recognise this, which is why we end up choosing one or the other. If you hold space for another’s point of view along with yours, you will be richer for it.


For romance and relationships, there is a new energy, new thoughts entering this space. Even in an existing relationship, this feels like new territory (and it is!). Like with anything new treat it with kid gloves. Observe and feel, don’t analyse or course correct, just see how it evolves on its own. If you are single, there may be a new romance in the air. Probably not a long-term one for now but certainly worth exploring – you never know how things evolve.

The newness carries to all parts of your life – home and work as well. You may get the urge to do some redecorating at home or get some new appliances or even shift things around. Go for it. And of course, the Magician has to make an appearance in the reading of the first month! You have the power to manifest what you want at work so make sure your goals have just the right amount of stretch – they should be neither too easy or too difficult.

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