Ghost Dance.

This card comes with a special message from our ancestors. There may be a pattern in your life that keeps repeating. It could be a life pattern or a relationship pattern that keeps coming up. Observe and analyse for yourself what this repetitive pattern is. It is likely that it will come up for you today. If you have a few in mind and can’t decide – choose the one that came up first or as the ancestors for a sign to tell you which one it is. It could be related to a story that has been repeated in the family and relates to one or more of your ancestors.

Your ancestors want you to know that this is not your story anymore and the time for repeating these tragic stories is done. Let go and step into the abundance that is offered to you, receive the gifts of those who have come before you and write a new story for your life.

If you can, make an altar for your ancestors. Find some items to represent people or the stories or the pattern (you can use a paper and write on it as well) and place it on the altar. Light some insence or sage and open the windows and doors to release them to their destiny and to the wind. Whenever you are ready you can remove the altar by throwing away the item and clearing the space.

Honour the past but don’t let it mess with your present. It’s time for now.

Have a blessed day 💞

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