Chill today.

It seems to be one of those slow lazy days today. Maybe some work will happen, maybe not but there is definitely a need for a wee bit of R&R and a dash of TLC.

Try and do some self care stuff today. Either find some time and space to rest and relax at home or even in the office or go for a little massage if you can. Massages work because of the pressure point etc but also because of the human touch. We are creatures of belonging and this touch, this connection is very soothing to us. If nothing else lean into some hugs today – receive the hug not give it.

Things may not go as planned today. There may be some delay or disappointment. Try to not get agitated with it and don’t blame yourself (or anyone else). It will unfold as it will and you have nothing to do with the process. If you mange to get some free time because something got delayed, you know it’s a sign from the universe to take some time for yourself!

Take care of your self today 💚💟💚

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