The raven.

Ravens have long been associated with mysticism, featuring as familiars and spirit animals in ancient texts. They are considered to be harbingers and said to be able to walk the line between this world and the other(s).

When the raven appears, it is a powerful message for you, come from your ancestors and spirit guides, and it will serve you to heed it. Be extra attentive to the world aroud you today and watch for the subtle signs that are being sent to you.

The message could be a new connection that will be forged today or a message from someone who has passed on. If you see something that reminds of someone on the other side know that it is a hello and a thumbs up from them. Whatever step you are taking or have taken recently has their complete approval.

Today the universe is sending you a new connection that will have far reaching consequences for you. Keep yourself open to the connection. It is almost like pieces of the puzzle that all fall together when you find the missing piece.

Have a brilliant day 💕✨💕

Published by Darpan

Abstract ART

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