Indulge in life’s pleasures.

This card symbolises extreme comfort and satisfaction, to me. There is a sense of abundance, an openness, a feeling of overflowing emotion and love. And the contentment that comes from being in a safe, looked-after place.

You’re probably already experiencing this, and if you aren’t, perhaps you need to reflect on the abundance in your life — the resources you have, your family, your friends, a job, passion and creative pursuits, the ability to enjoy luxuries — whatever it maybe that you feel gratitude for. This card is about acknowledging it and basking in that abundance. Take it in fully.

Knowing what you have and all that holds you up, the card invites you to let down your guard, to stop worrying and start living in a way that allows you to enjoy life. Treat yourself to a good meal today, or buy that one thing you’ve been longing for, maybe put your money behind furthering a passion or dream you’re nurturing — today is the day for believing you deserve the indulgences and all the pleasures of life.

As you do that, remember to also count your blessings, to give thanks and to express gratitude for all that you have. Abundance, indulgence and gratitude tend to follow eachother around. The best way to keep the flow of going is to indulge and express gratitude equally šŸŒ»


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