Surrender to unconditional love.

Today’s message is a call for you to focus on the intimacy in your immediate relationships and friendships. It could be that there is an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart conversation to heal a particular relationship, or it could be that you become aware of your own judgement of someone that has caused you to close your heart to them, or perhaps you are struggling to accept the truth about a relationship you have outgrown and the differences that have cropped up because of it.

Whatever it may be, know that today is a good day to reflect upon where you are with your immediate circle. Which of these connections need gentle healing? Which ones must you slowly let go of? Which of them no longer serves you? Which one is it that you desperately need in your life right now?

If you have asked for a deeper connection with a select set of people who get you and your vibe, this card confirms that to be on its way into your life. But to invite it, you need to surrender to unconditional love. Dig deep and find within you, the willingness to speak your mind and allow your emotions to be seen. Be open to the possibility that things may either fall apart or come together, and that either outcome is alright.

Sometimes we connect with people and over time we outgrow them, as we each evolve in our own unique ways and directions. Drop the pressure to hang on to relationships that either cause you to slow down or stop growing altogether. Healing happens when love flows free of judgement and compulsion.

The Oracle asks that you be open to healing connections today, to trust the process and believe that whatever comes of it, it is the best outcome for you 💖

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