~ December Reading ~

It’s the last month of the year and that got me thinking about endings and beginnings, of what lessons this year brought and what to glean from all that happened. With all that in mind, I thought I would do this reading in 3 parts. The first part is ‘What you need to know?‘, which is about making sense of all that did happen and about what gifts were received by us. The second part is ‘What you need to grow?’, which is about looking at all that is with us, inherent talents or gifts that we can grow and offer to the universe. The last part is ‘What you need to let go?’, which is all the stuff you can shed before stepping into the new year.

What you need to know.


The Phoenix is the most potent symbol of second chances, of renewal, rebirth and resurrection (and there are two in this part of the reading!). The Phoenix dies and then rises from its own ashes and comes to life again. Just because something is over now doesn’t mean it can never be resurrected again. Death comes to us all in many shapes and forms.

It may be the end of a relationship and it may seem impossible that you will ever love again, but give it time and you will find that you have in you an immeasurable capacity to love and live again. The thing is that the in order to rise again, the old Phoenix must die. It cannot carry on the way it is. Similarly, what is old and decrepit in our lives will have to die for us to renew ourselves. It could be a relationship, it could be a place or it could be our self.

The cards ask you to accept the closed doors, the death, the pain and to let it become tinder for your fire so that something new can take birth. Don’t stop yourself from crying and grieving, make space in your life for the loss and grief and joy will find its place beside them. Cry till the tears run dry, don’t hold anything back. When you are done, life will come to you.

Be prepared for the old version of you and your life pass. Be prepared to let go of old beliefs, ideas, the way of being and maybe even some people. It isn’t going to be easy but when it is the right path you will know that it is worth it. If you have felt the struggle and strife and if it has been difficult for you, know that this is about shedding old skin and painful though it is, something amazing is coming your way.

Something is ending, must needs end for you to enter the next part of your journey. Acceptance and surrender to what is will make the process easier for you.

What you need to grow.


We are constantly growing and evolving and very year-end is a good time to take stock of how far you have come and what has emerged from your growth. This is a great time to write down what the year has been like and what gifts were received by you. Our mind deceives us sometimes by focussing on the event or situation, it takes the courage of the heart to look beyond the surface. Take some time out this month to write about what occurred and what you received from that occurrence (keep in mind that gifts are good so if you haven’t got to a positive one, keep digging till you get there).

One of the things that may have been learned by you this year is to keep your heart open. You may have learnt that your heart is much stronger than you thought. And that it is much much larger than you imagined. Its capacity to love and to include may have surprised you. This is what the universe wants for you to grow. To keep opening the heart. To keep expanding the heart. No matter how big and open it is, there will always be room to grow more.

With an open heart come beautiful connections. Keep and build these connections you have made in the past year. Forgive any imagined transgressions from these people because there is more to the story than what meets the eye.

The cards urge you to follow your heart with regards the work that you do. And with every new decision or choice you make, let the heart have a say in it too. You may have learnt that when the heart and mind are in alignment, you become a manifestation master.

What you need to let go.


Which brings us to what needs to be surrendered by you. You have learnt about manifestation and may have noticed how it comes to be. You have the tools and you know what to do yet it sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it takes too much time.

The thing is that there are certain rules when it comes to manifesting what you want. First, it has to be good for you and for all concerned. If it is not good for you, it simply will not happen. Second, there is a gestation period needed for some things to manifest and sometimes it requires some action from you. Take a baby, for example, a pregnancy is the manifestation of your desire but will take nine months to literally deliver the fruits of your labour. In those nine months, you have to nurture the baby and work at stuff so that the conditions are right for the baby to greet the world.

Think about manifesting the things you want in that way. The first step which opens the door to possibility is your manifestation. After this, it is up to you to take it forward. You have to nurture this possibility and you have to do all that is needed to make it manifest. And you have to be patient because some things take time and some things will happen in accordance with divine timing.

There is a lot of trust and surrender involved in this process. We struggle and strive because we want to make things happen and change things and gain some control over our lives. Manifestation happens only when we surrender control and place our trust in the universe. To know that sometimes a ‘no’ can mean a ‘not yet’ and still let it go. The task is to do all we can and then surrender that desire to the universe and then step back and let it go. Be at ease knowing that if it is meant for you, it will happen and if not, then something better is waiting for you.

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