Message from the firefly.

There’s nothing as magical as seeing a firefly in the dark and you can’t help be filled with wonder and joy when you see one. If there is a magical creature that exists today it would have to be the firefly.

The firefly is a reminder to us that magic exists and even in the darkest night a little creature can create illumination. Even if you are going through a hard time, please don’t stop believing in magic and miracles. Even if it seems that this dark night will be endless, follow the firefly and she will lead you out of the darkness.

Maybe it’s health, or tough times or grief for you. The firefly does not say that it is at its end but gives a message of hope and light. It will get better from now on. Focus on the firefly and not on the darkness. The dark only makes the firefly shine brighter and in the light you may have missed it. Focus on the small miracles that are happening everyday and don’t lose your faith and belief in the magic of the universe.

Have a blessed day 💞

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