Patterns & Karma.

Have you noticed some patterns in life that keep persisting on? You become aware of it and although it is challenging, you work at it and you think you’ve learnt the lesson and experienced the wisdom and then it comes back!

The beautiful, compassionate Quan Yin, comes to you with this blessing of karmic healing. Your soul has learnt, there is no need for struggle to heal it anymore, this is just stuck energy and just needs to be released.

You can do a small ritual by lighting a candle and inviting Quan Yin to help you release all the dead weight you are carrying. Do the ritual in the morning, if possible.

If you are drawn to a healer or healing music or a guided meditation, do that.

Listen to the guidance for whatever you choose to do. Often we do Rituals and do our part and think it’s done. That’s a one way communication. Listen and see what messages are flowing back and act upon them.

If you work with crystals, then the Turquoise is the right one for you. I’ve been using crystals in my bath water and that’s been lovely.

These are not one time exercises, you may need to repeat them. 3 or 7 times usually works.

Blessings upon you today from mother Quan Yin πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’š


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