The child.

The child looks at the world with innocent and trusting eyes, every lesson is filled with wonder and joy. The cards want you to be that newbie today. To look at your life with the eyes of a child. See what makes you happy and what doesn’t – with no explanations and reasons. Just what makes you happy and what doesn’t.

Think of it as a stop-start-continue game (you remember that one?). It’s the things you need to stop doing, the ones that you need to start doing and the ones that you want to continue. Continue is obviously the things that make you happy. Stop are the things that don’t make you happy but there is nothing you can do to change it. Start can be about looking at things differently or adding on stuff that makes you happy. For example, just starting a gratitude exercise can make you change the way you look at people and things around you, which is starting something new and affecting change as well.

You can reinvent your life anytime you want. Whatever is not working for you, you have the power to change it. Starting now. The cards say that it’s not only a second chance you get but as many chances you choose to take. Take one today.

Starting over is like a return to childhood where you look at things with fresh eyes and learn new things. Except now you have a choice, now you have wisdom of experience and the journey can be done with awareness. It can be about life and it can be about yourself.

What would you like to reinvent in yourself or your life today?

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