Message from the ant.

Just as I was snapping the pic of the card an ant scurried onto the card. The message from the ant is exactly the message from the card. Don’t you just love it when that happens?!!

The ants are known for their industry and co-working abilities and the message from the ant (and the card) is that as well. Continue on with your good work, young ant, anything worth having needs some effort from your side. It’s not too tough and it’s not too far. Be at it and you will get there.

Collaborate with people and it will give you a much needed boost in inspiration and energy. It is also always always better to work with people, could be an assistant, a mentor or a partner. Even if you like being the lone ranger, there is always someone who can ease things for you and give a different perspective on things.

The ant can carry fifty times its weight and a small colony of ants is capable of creating a massive anthill. Put in the effort and collaborate with others in the community and you will get closer to your goals and desires.

Have a wonderful day 💚

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Abstract ART

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