You can put down your roots here where you are, weary traveler. You have been looking for a home, a place to belong for a while now, knowingly or unknowingly, so much so that you are unsure whether this is the place for you.

The Oracle wants you to know that it’s alright to not know and to be unsure, this is why the Oracle exists, to help and guide you in your path. Being unsure doesn’t mean that it’s not the right thing. Look for signs from the universe today and there will be clear indications for you to direct you.

Wherever you are in this current moment, be it a job or relationship or home, this is the right place for you to be. You can pull off your walking shoes, feel the ground beneath your feet and prepare to grow roots here. This is the right place for you, this is the safe harbour that you have been subconsciously longing for. If it’s a job that you are considering, then take it up. It may just turn out to be the job where you finally get gratuity 😉.

If it’s a relationship that springs to mind, then know that this is the long haul. Long haul may not necessarily mean smooth or easy – just that its for keeps.

If there is a place or spot that you are considering for your permanent home then it’s the right one. If you are thinking of moving homes then again it is the right thing for you. Where you go next will be the place where you will feel safe and comfortable.

If you are not thinking of change in any of these, then stay exactly where you are because you are already home.

Putting down roots does not mean that your journey is done, it just means that you have a home to return to wherever you may go. It may seem to some that roots mean less action, just remember that the stronger the roots the more verdant the bloom.

Let you roots grow today 🌱

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