Taking charge.

Hmmmm…. Seems like a follow up from yesterday’s message. It’s time to take charge of your goals and desires, even if it means that you need to convince others and take them along your path. Now is not the time to drift and float, it’s time to take decisive action.

The lion is the king of beasts and as a spirit animal guide he comes to those who need to reclaim their space and take on the leadership position. The lion asks you to set and protect your boundaries or your territory and not be overly influenced by others and their point of view.

You have the courage and ability to go after your goals, don’t let the naysayers tell you any different. It always helps to write down your goals even if they are small ones. Writing helps clarify things for you and is also a strong intent to the universe. Until now there may have been other things occupying your mind and your attention. That has passed now and it’s time to look ahead and have some plans in place.

The energy of the lion is here to help you set your goals and have a basic plan of action. Ask for help from the lion spirit guide if you need to.

The lion is also known for its roar and it is time for you to herald your coming. You can do it!

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