The rattle.

It’s time to make your wishes known to the universe. The rattle is a little noise – not to loud, not to sharp, just a little to get the attention of the universe.

You may have a small wish, something you hold in your heart, you’ve thought about it in your mind but you haven’t spoken it out to the universe. Say it now! Big or small doesn’t matter. Even the smallest wish is worthy. It may happen or it may not but you won’t lose anything by asking for it.

The universe wants to grant you your smallest wishes and desires but can only respond if you say it aloud.

Don’t hesitate, just ask and you never know what you receive.

You also don’t get just one wish or three. Ask them all. Some you will get and some may not be good for you and you won’t get them. Leave it to divine discretion and just ask.

Write or speak, don’t keep it in your thoughts.

Have a lovely day 🌸

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