The heart.

Love is in the air today. Not just romantic love, but love of family and friends, of animals and nature. Whatever it is that you love will show it’s reciprocation today. If you love plants, you may find that favourite plant in bloom today. Open your heart today, to receive love.

The heart is about love and about compassion, and also about kindness and gratitude. I’ve been mulling over Bert Hellingers words of “be kind, you don’t have to feel kind”. It gives me a sense of relief when I hear that, because really, it is not possible for me to feel kind towards everyone I meet. I feel the way I feel and I don’t want to suppress or fake my feelings in any way. But being kind, that I can do. I can make the choice to be kind to every single person, because this I have control over, whereas I don’t have any control over how I feel. I did some more musing over whether it meant that I was showing a false front and such and landed in the place where I am kinda comfortable to just be kind, without overthinking it (much).

It also brings to mind that saying before you speak, think if your words are true, if they are kind and if they improve upon the silence. Sometimes one needs reminders to get back into alignment with who you want to be. I certainly needed this be kind message today.

Be kind today, starting with yourself πŸŒΈπŸ’ŸπŸŒΈ.

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