A wondrous gift.

Something lovely and wondrous is on its way to you. A soft, gentle, unobtrusive, wonderful gift that you might miss if you are not here, now, in the present moment.

Our memories, both happy and unhappy ones, tend to distract us from the present moment. There is a time and place for these memories we carry. There are many rituals across cultures that honour these memories and by doing so, give them their place in our lives.

Sometimes these experiences and memories cloud the way we see things and react to situations and people. By allowing them to affect our present we are doing a disservice to ourselves and in many ways to the people we have lost.

If you find yourself going back to events or people or even to what you have lost and still grieve for, making a memorial may help you. It could be a scrapbook or even a page of doodles. It could be an altar for loved ones. Giving them space in your life will give you peace and comfort by keeping the memories alive but not getting lost in them.

The best way to honour the dead is to live fully and the way to live fully is to be present in the current moment. You don’t have to think of the vast future – just be here in the present.

Expect a gift today, it may not be a physical one but something that you need and will put a smile on your face.

Published by Darpan

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3 thoughts on “A wondrous gift.

  1. My beautiful Nani, whom I used to fondly call Amma.. was my idol in every sense.. she passed away in July, and I couldn’t help but dwell in her memories.. thinking about her more often now each day. Thank you for the card, I’ll make an alter for her and live to the fullest, like she always wanted me to.. thanks again for passing on her message and I think that’s my gift for today!! 🙂


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