Queen of fire.

The Queen of Wands represents a person full of life, full of passion & creativity, someone who comes into a room and moves and shakes people into taking action. She is fiery and passionate, strong willed and intelligent and even though she has a dark side, she has embraced it completely.

If you have someone in your life who fits this description, it may be a good time to hang out with them today and absorb some of that lust of life. She can be a good mentor for you – you don’t have to copy or model yourself according to her but you can certainly be inspired by her.

If you can’t think of anyone who fits the description, the message is still the same 😊. Look within and find your fire and passion. The time has come for you to stop being a wall flower and be where the fun and excitement is. To be where the action is. It is also time for you to take action as the Queen of Fire is all about taking action and getting things done.

I have the ‘I don’t feel like it’ syndrome going on for me a lot and I’m usually reluctant to step out to do anything. But when I do I have a fabulous time. It’s just about taking that step and letting jot and passion in.

If you are in the creative or entertainment business then today is a great day for you. Just channel your inner fire-queen and jump into it.

If you are in a situation where you need to decide to stop or to go – choose go!

It’s an action packed day or a day to take action. Enjoy!


  1. Guess what!! I wrote the following poem last night and then saw this card πŸ™‚πŸ˜ƒ

    A few years back I had rappled the Duke’s Nose in Lonavla.. and that’s what I wanted to draw as an inspiration for a confusing and dull day at work yesterday.. I had to call on my own power… The fire within πŸ™‚

    Soul on πŸ”₯

    The wind blew like a storm, I steady on my gumption to break away the norm

    Conquering the mighty Mountain with bare feet, the rocky terrain and my fading spirit I did beat

    Baring my soul I did a trust fall in a valley so deep, untill I opened my eyes in fear yet I peeped

    You are that girl who trailed the rock and nothing could let you mull and left you blocked

    That day in the blazing sun you sent a roar, the cheer leading of your heartbeat and you blissfully soar

    That girl is a spirit that is your own, you are the fire that ignites your very bone

    Run run sweet child cause you have wheels on fire, its in you to fulfill the burning desire

    Your flaming light that you held so high, you are invincible so don’t you ever sigh

    Flap your wings dust the ashes, shed skin and cast away the shackles

    Sore like the pheonix they say, fire flies call on to your path so don’t you dismay

    Cause you are that girl who rode the mountain like an amazon, God kindred your soul when you were born!


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