Legacy of light.

If you have a particular question in mind and then saw this card, or if you have made / are going to make a creative choice, the Oracle comes to you with a confirmation that this thing you are thinking about or this choice that you are making is of utmost importance to your spiritual growth.

It may seem like a insignificant question, it may seem like a small meeting, but the energy around it is significant. This is especially true if you had an ancestor who made a similar choice or had a similar talent. You can even draw strength and inspiration from your ancestral line to help you in your endeavor.

I recently found out that my great grandmother was a psychic and I immidiately had a rush of connection to her (even though she died long before I was born and I’ve never really thought about her). From her, today, I ask for blessings to do this work with ease and joy. It goes something like this “bless me great grandmother and my sacred family, as I walk my path with this work. Bless me so I can walk with the support of my sacred family. Bless me so my purpose is met. Bless me so I can do this work with ease and grace. Bless me as I walk my path with love and joy, as a woman grown”.

It does not have to be a particular person, just asking your sacred family is enough. This exercise can be done especially if you are feeling alone and unsupported by family and friends right now, you can draw strength from you ancestral line and find the situation easing up as well.

We always have more support than we think we have. We always have more strength than we think we have. Go do your thing, you never know where you will draw strength from.

Have a lovely week ❤️

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