Message from the frog.

There are times when you have to close the outside mutterings and shut down the voice of reason and listen only to your heart, and take a leap of faith.

The message from the frog is that this is Not one of those times.

You may think you know enough but in this case there are things hidden or unknown, and it would serve you well to get some advice on the matter. As it’s the frog who has come calling, this could be related to money matters.

Don’t try and hide your un-knowing of things, don’t go into a conversation pretending that you know more than you do as you may lose out on some precious bit of information. There is no shame in saying ‘I don’t know’ and there is no loss in asking for help.

This is one case where your intuition may not serve you well. There is more than what meets the eye and you need external guidance. Your advisor need not be a professional or a guru but someone with knowledge and experience in what you are struggling with. If she is wearing the colour green or if it rains (or there is an indoor fountain nearby), take that as a thumbs up from the frog spirit.

Listen well and listen wise today 🐸.

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