These mountains you carry.

Today’s message is for you to consider delegating some of what you carry. You may want to do all of it or maybe you feel that no one will be able to help you or that it is only your responsibility. At times it may not even occur to you to ask for help.

Examine your physical and mental state today. There is no point in pushing yourself to the breaking point. Anticipate and ask for help now. The cards are saying you will need the help soon, even if you don’t need it right now. By asking well in advance you are also giving others time to prepare.

The second message is to examine all that you carry around with you. Is it something that needs to be carried solely by you? Is it even yours?

I love this quote “These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb” by Najwa Zebian. We go through life’s adversities and sometimes by the end we forget that the things we were doing were only supposed to be temporary. It can be something as basic as worry for a sickly child. When the sickness is over, we need to shed the worry too. Carrying it with us does the child no favours.

Think about what you spend your time thinking about, worrying about and what you spend your time doing. Which of these can be delegated, which of these can be shed and keep the ones that help you grow and blossom.

Sometimes the burden is not yours at all. It could be an unremebered past or from an incident in childhood or even from your ancestors. If a child takes care of his mother for a few days when the mom is unwell, it can be something that remains in the psyche of the child that he needs to constantly look after her and as an adult carries this burden completely unaware. It can even manifest in physical terms as a shoulder-back ache. Sometimes the symptoms can be eerily similar to an ancestor’s and that could mean that you are carrying their fate for some reason.

Some amount of introspection is needed to figure out where you are with feeling burdened and exhausted, especially if it is chronic. One way to figure out is to ask yourself – is this mine? Does this belong to me? If you feel a lessening and lightness then you know that it is not yours and you can seek help in letting it go. Kinesiology can help or getting your Bars run and constellation work can help as well.

Delegate today and use the extra time to do some introspection 😁💕

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