To be fair.

We all grow up learning the concepts of justice and equality, of right and righteousness. I remember the fairy tales and the Amar Chitra Kathas. I also remember yelling ‘it’s not fair’ to my mom on many occasions. So there is the ideals and then there is the reality. As we grow older we realise that life isn’t fair and there is not as much equality as we may want.

So we observe and that becomes out belief. Maybe it’s time to change that belief once again. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself, what is my contribution to the justness and fairness of this world? Perhaps it is time to right the many wrongs you see and observe. We often look at things that need changing but don’t think our contribution and offort will make a dent. That’s not true, whatever your contribution, be it time, money, energy, taking about it, advocating it, sharing it – whatever your contribution, it will have a ripple effect in universe. Even if it makes a difference to one person for one day, it’s worth it. Someone else will be there the next day.

Do what is possible for you to do and that is enough. You will be amazed at the power and energy that surges through you and just how good you feel.

What do you choose to contribute today?

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