Conflict is my teacher.

A compromise can be when both parties feel that they won or when both parties feel that they lost. The way to make the former happen is to remind yourself that everyone has their own version of reality, which may not agree with your version. They are just being true to their interests and priorities, which happen to differ from yours. Which is the way it should be!


Conflict is a great teacher. The first thing it teaches us is broadening our world-view. When we see the other person’s point of view, it gives us a glimpse of another world, another reality.

Secondly, it gives us an idea about the things that we want to avoid or not see about ourselves. Whatever it is that bothers you about the other person is the thing you refuse to acknowledge about yourself. If you find that the other person is being too critical, then look within for that critical part of you. The voice in your head which is critical of all the things you do and don’t do is represented by this person.

Another think conflict brings out is that it forces you to stand up for yourself and speak for yourself. All of us tend to choose the path of peace in the day to day irksome things and it comes to the surface when we are mad at someone. It’s a good idea to catalogue them in your mind and observe how you felt about it then. This will help you realise how much you bottle up and how many of your feelings go unacknowledged even by you. Just accepting that you felt hurt, or rejected or sad, gives name and meaning to your emotions.

Have a conflict-free day ❤


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