A blessing for peace.

If you find trouble sitting on your shoulder, reminding you of all that you should be worried and fearful about, let this blessing of peace settle over you.

If there is this thought that is buzzing around in your mind, take it to it’s conclusion and tell yourself ‘…and that’s all right’. For eg. The person who was to call didn’t, maybe the person doesn’t want to call…and that’s all right. The job that was to come through didn’t, maybe they found someone better for the role….and that’s all right. You can do it for one thing or many, just do enough rounds for one before you move on to the next. You should feel a cleaning or lifting, repeat till you get there, and stay for a bit before moving on to the next one.

This exercise is not about glossing over the facts or trying to make yourself feel better with false hope or promises. This is about facing the naked truth and then saying… it’s all right. It is about acknowledging that this is exactly the way it is meant to be for now. With the acknowledgement comes the potential for change. It’s all right is the statement to the universe that you understand that things are the way they are because that’s how they need to be at this moment and no amount of fretting and worrying is going to change anything. However shying away from and not acknowledging it will definitely hinder progress.

It is the way it is….and that’s all right.

If some wrongdoing was done, don’t jump straight to forgiveness. Take time to acknowledge that something wrong was done. You were hurt or they were hurt….and that’s all right.

Let it go and let it be bit first see it clearly and accept it and it will be easier to move on and also to stop the voices in your head.

Blessed be 💜

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