Follow your Inspiration.

Just finished doing the October reading for Viva Goa and this card seems to be a prelude to October. September is a number 9 month and the number nine is associated with release and letting go with all that no longer serves. This September particularly seems to have been about recognising and releasing old patterns. As we near the end of September, the cards remind us that the hard stuff is over and we can begin to begin thinking about a new dream.

New ideas and inspiration will happen today. These can be internal or external so watch out for that something that gets you excited or inspired today. In Tarot terms when the Ace appears, it is all about the new and it’s the best possible new at this time. The key word is ‘possible’. The ace is like a seed, its full of possibility and has the potential to become a mighty oak. It does, however, need nurturing and nourishment and the sun and water. The ideas and inspiration you have are the seeds, it’s not enough to just have these ideas, you have to put your energy and enthusiasm behind them.

The Ace is also about singularity, it is about that one big idea that needs to be put into play. Which one, you may ask? Well, one of the ways to test it is to write down the why should I do this list for all your ideas. The one where there is most energy but may / may not have any rational argument is the one to go with. The future is nebulous and we can always do with some help, this inner feeling, tug, pull, is the universe guiding us in the direction that has the maximum possibility.

Watch out for the ideas and inspiration today πŸ˜πŸ€—

Oh and the October reading will be sent on mail and shared here soon 😊


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