Spirit & Body.

Today’s message is to bring your attention to the body. Your body is a temple as it houses your spirit and deserves all the attention you can give it. You don’t need to be body obsessed or push yourself or judge, but you can honour your body as a sacred animal through which your soul creates and expresses itself in the world.

The more you honour your body the more your spirit sings. Look after your body so that your spirit soul can come alive and not because of anyone else’s view on what your body should be like.

If you’ve been feeling a bit off lately, fuzzy or ache-y, this is your spirit soul telling you that your body could do with some attention from you. This doesn’t mean going to a doctor but rather, resting if you need to, having some hearty nourishing food and certainly not worrying about carbs and calories.

Have a super Wednesday 💚🌸💚

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