Breaking patterns.

It’s the last week of September (a number 9 month, which is about releasing what doesn’t serve), so it’s not surprising that these cards chose to come out. When an Ancestor card appears trials and challenges are not far behind.

Quite a process is involved in breaking a pattern or condition that has been with us for long. First there must be awareness of the pattern itself. Once you see the pattern you cannot unsee it and you see the branches and roots of it. You start connecting the dots. And then you take steps to change it. Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes you struggle on and there are small shifts but the pattern stays. Here is where your spirit guides come in. Sometimes unknowingly we take on the patterns of our ancestors.

We inherit more than our dna from our family of origin and out of loyalty to our family we tend to take on their fate.

The Ancestor cards are here to tell us that we have our own journey and it is rather presumptuous to take on someone’s fate, especially those who have come before us. The spirit guides are protecting us (even if it’s from ourselves 😊) and helping us break away from these patterns of the past.

This week, try and observe what comes up for you and ask your spirit guides to help you.

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