September 21. Song of the Earth.

Today’s energies are rather earthy. It rained last night and the moss that was disappearing is back to looking fresh green.

If you can, walk barefoot on the grass today or just walk barefoot in the house. If you have some greenery around out, reach out and touch it. Talk to your plants or hug a tree. Take a moment when you do and it will be a meditation.

If you’ve been travelling, especially by air, remember to ground yourself (@haathitime 🙋‍♀️). Ie. Just sit on the ground and feel the ground beneath you or hold a rock for some time.

The message is to connect with the earth or nature in any way you choose to. Whatever works for you, do it your own way. Just open yourself up to listening to the song of the Earth. The song is different of different people. Hear it and you will understand it.

Have a nature filled day 🌱💚


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