September 20. The Star.

My sun moon tarot in a tin deck arrived yesterday and this is literally the first card I’ve pulled from the deck… ‘star’ and ‘aara’… Always so excited with the synchronicities 😁🤗.

Also love the mermaid interpretation. The upper half is land based and is on land and the lower half is fish and in water and above is the night sky with the stars completing the picture. The mermaid is straddling both the material and the emotional-spiritual.

The message is that wherever you are on your journey, it is exactly the right place for you. You have successfully straddled the material and spiritual aspects of life. It may be that you went through some tough times to get here but the result was worth it, isn’t it? This connection to the self and to the universe that you now feel could not have been any other way.

Now that you have this wonderful connection, don’t keep the two separate. Use your intuition and your understanding of the signs from the universe to navigate day to day life. It is sacred yes, but so is regular life. We often make the mistake of not using our divine senses to make life easier for ourselves. Use your gut feeling at work, to cook and in just about everything and it will get stronger and life will become easier.

Here’s to an easy life 🥂

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