September 19. Power & Control


It’s a rather significant day today.

The Emperor signifies power, control and authority.
The Emperor asks where are you at with all three of these. Are you the emperor of your life? Or are you uncomfortable with power? How are you with authority? Do you like to take on authority figures or are you passive aggressive about it? Who hold the reins for you? You or someone else?

All big questions, all important questions. The Emperor asks you to think deep about these. To take an assessment about where you are in your journey regarding these? To observe the patterns that keep repeating in your life and to be aware of where the pattern originated. What then, you may ask. Well, then do nothing 😊. Just the awareness of it is good enough to affect major change in your energy.

I’m also getting the Emperor’s new clothes in my thoughts for some reason. So, beware the sycophants around you today. And don’t take fashion advise from anyone today 😂.

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