September 18. Listen to your body.

img_20180918_090441_1031732187442.jpgThe body is a brilliant diagnostic tool for all that we think and feel. It’s physical / material yet provides guidance in our spiritual lessons.

Listen to your body. Where does it hurt? Where is the attention needed? Does it want rest? Does it want play? When does it feel distressed? What eases it?

A headache tells us that our mind is conflicted about something. A migraine on the other hand indicates feeling guilty about something. A sore upper back tells us that we are carrying too much load. The middle back hurt can mean that we are being too rigid in a situation or in life. The lower back represents freedom and the tailbone, security.

What is your body telling you today? Rest if you are feeling under the weather. Take the day if your body wants to play. Go to the spa if your body feels the need for pampering.

Ciao now… I’m off for a foot massage 👋👣

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