September 17. Practice.

Vincent van gogh said ‘If there is a voice within you that says you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and the voice will be silenced’. I really really love that quote and it my inspiration whenever I go through the ‘what’s the point in this’ phase 😁. Should I even be painting when there is a stack of unsold paintings? Should I be doing these daily readings? Do people even bother to read them…. And then with one card, one action, it is all answered. This daily practice of putting up the card is for me – because I love it, because my day is incomplete without it, it hones my skills as a card reader, it makes me intimate with so many decks, and much more. The rest is a bonus.

Here’s the message, if you love it, do it. Don’t give up because it is not coming to you easily. If you practice, it will become easier. And you will become better. You will become more confident and that will make you better still. Do it for yourself.

Invest in yourself today 😘. Have a happy Monday ❀️.

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